It’s a new year, and new trends are popping up in every industry, and office design is no exception. Here are some of the biggest trends in office design Adelaide that you can expect to see and implement in 2017

Authentic Designs

To begin, there is an increasing demand for more authentic designs or pieces that reflect the core values of an organization. Gone are the days where companies were satisfied with a generic design that looks good but had little to say about their business.

Today there is a need for the interior architecture of an office to tell a story and create an atmosphere that resonates with both the company leaders, employees, and clients as well. The client should have an idea of an organization’s history, objective, and values when they walk into the office.

This reflection of authenticity will make your organization stand out from the rest.

 Millennial-friendly Designs

As we enter the new year, millennials will influence the direction of a lot of things including office design Adelaide. This generation is centered towards the greater good of the community and the world as a whole.

You might wonder what this has to do with office design Adelaide, but an organization’s commitment to building the community should be incorporated into its entire branding including the design of its office.

Office Design Adelaide

Health Centric Designs

Another significant trend in office design is the adoption of wellness and health-centric ideas into the office space. With several studies showing the psychological and physical benefits of embracing nature. Organizations are finding ways to incorporate and connect the indoors with the outdoors.

Some ways to do this would be.

– Specifically using products that are made from natural materials.

– Designing office structures in a way that allows adequate sunlight to enter the interiors.

– Accenting the industrial elements of the workplace with wood, stone, and plant-inspired pieces.

– Painting the office space with warm colors that evoke a positive response.

Integrated Technology

Integrating technology into the workspace design is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular. Several prominent organizations are making technology a part of their worker’s everyday life by adopting it in office design.

Some of the changes you can expect are wireless charging of devices, as well as furniture that carries adapters and performs multimedia functions. These changes reflect the shift in the generation and the overall change in culture as we welcome a younger workforce.

Flexible Workspace

In the busy world of today, no one wants a static environment anymore. Organizations now demand an office structure that will allow the easy switching from one task to another.

Therefore office design Adelaide should be able to adapt to the change in work requirements. Flexibility in the office environment will ensure those workflows quickly and efficiently from one job to another.

As you continue into the new year, you can expect to see these trends and more reflect in office design Adelaide. Don’t be left out, transform your workplace into a modern and trendy environment.