Your bathroom should be seen as an attractive place for relaxation. To this end, it is best you enhance its décor with a clean design and ensure to get rid of all novelty items and toiletries out of your bathroom space. As a rule of thumb for every modern bathroom design, it is best to keep things simple when designing Adelaide bathrooms. Ensure that the organic space is being kept open and free of clutter. Make sure to hide unwanted personal items by using built-in shelving and cabinetry.

Here are some simple but amazing décor ideas that are applicable for most Adelaide bathrooms.

Change the floor plan

Remodeling a small master bathroom with outdated finishes and a cramped floor plan can be easily done once you have the right remodel idea. Due to the petite nature of the space, it may be difficult to exert full changes. Space is efficiently maximized in most Adelaide bathrooms when a wall-mounted sink is added and the toilet is relocated to the rear wall. You can also choose to make the high ceilings and skylight look more attractive by using a glass mosaic tile feature wall to add movement to the space.

Add interest and character

Do you know that even without sacrificing minimalistic design, most Adelaide bathrooms can still be enhanced with sufficient interest and character? It’s a matter of choosing the right geometrically shaped tile and backsplash. If you are looking to make a big statement in your bathroom, you may need to add some bold colors. They tend to enhance a space with fresh personality especially those that receive no natural light.

Include Built-In Storage

For storing bath-time necessities, a custom floor-to-ceiling built-in shelf will make a great impact. It presents a great way of showcasing concrete and wood elements. You can create an impactful space by pairing an amber crystal wall with a gold glided mirror, a modern metallic damask wall covering and a hand-carved marble sink. Since you will only need little amounts of decorative pieces for your small space, you might have nothing to do with using higher priced materials.

Indulge your vanity

If you are looking to make a big impact in your small bath, ensure to properly make use of the vanity. As the only piece of furniture in a small bath, vanities can give any space a strong timeless look. Whether you choose to make your own furniture-style vanity with basic woodworking skills or you just want to make use of any of the available pre-made versions, you are sure to make an impact.

Give the illusion of space

The use of glass shower enclosures in designing bathrooms in Adelaide does not only offer you the opportunity to see from one end of the space to the other but also presents the illusion of space in the small room.