Laying floor tiles can be a cumbersome process, especially if you don’t really know what you are doing, or have the right materials. Most people prefer using a professional, but you can save quite a bit of money by doing it yourself. It isn’t hard if you follow this brief guide on how to lay floor tiles your home renovations Adelaide.

A Guide on How to Lay Floor Tiles During Your Home Renovation

Get the Right Tools and Materials!

A very important step in laying a tile floor is making sure you have everything you need, prior to starting the job. Placing your tile only to find out you can’t make adjustments or make the tile stay where it is supposed to, that’s not the way to do it. Get the cutter, the detergent, the adhesive, the buckets, floats, and cloth before you begin.

Make the Necessary Preparations!

Being properly prepared makes a big difference, if not all when you lay a tile floor. Step one is always to ready the surface you tile is going on top of. Tile goes on anything, and each surface requires a different approach.

Ensuring this is done properly is critical to making sure that once your tile is down, it stays where it is supposed to. Keep reading to find out how to prepare a specific surface.

Check Your Design!

Advice number 2 is to make sure that your intended pattern works. Find space on a level surface and put own your tile in the exact way you have planned. If there are any issues you will see it immediately and be able to correct them.

Prepare the Mastic

Depending on what type of surface you are putting your tile on you must prepare it properly, and then put down the mastic. If you are covering a preexisting tile floor, you have to fix it first, so it presents a level stable basis for the new tile. Then you apply your mastic and make sure it is completely level.

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You can choose between mortar and thinset, with thinset being the popular choice because it is ready to use right out of the can.

Put Down Your Tiles

When you are laying the floor tiles, the answer is really simple: You simply lay them in the pattern you wish (and checked!). Make sure you take your time and do it carefully! You will not get a second chance. Laying tile takes several days.

Make it all Stick Together

When your tile is in place, leave it for 24 hours, so the adhesive underneath can get a grip on everything. Once this has happened, apply your grout. Use a premixed grout, as this is the easiest to work with Adelaide Bathrooms.

Make sure you fill all the spaces between every tile and remove all excess grout when you are done. Finish the job by applying a sealant and your job is complete!

This how-to guide is meant as an inspiration. You can lay your own tile floor yourself if you are willing to spend the time and do the work. But you should get more detailed instructions that are specific to the type of surface you are putting your tile on.

A great place for in-depth guides on how to lay floor tiles can be found at Your home renovations Adelaide!