Just like any other room in a home, your bathroom needs to look cozy and modern, regardless of its size. Some Adelaide Bathrooms owners find it challenging to come up design ideas for small bathroom spaces. However, there are many ways to create a functional and clutter-free bathroom. Every design element in a small bathroom must be functional in one way or another. This will allow you to save space while exuding elegance.

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Here are some amazing small bathroom ideas you should consider.

  1. Add Storage

Large cabinets can occupy a whole lot of space in a small bathroom. Instead of putting up large furniture pieces in a limited space, consider open shelving. Showcasing your colorful and textured towel will add warmth to your space. Floating shelves are a fantastic idea for small bathrooms. Adelaide Bathrooms owners can also use sink skirts or storage ladders to store containers. Wooden crates can either be placed on the ground or stacked and drilled into the wall.

  1. More Functionality

Functionality is crucial for a small bathroom. This means that everything installed in the bathroom must have a purpose. A small bathroom can easily become cluttered, so avoid adding objects or design elements that are not functional. You should bear in mind that clutter makes it difficult to keep small spaces clean and tidy.  Can you use glass jars that are neatly placed on your floating shelves to store cotton balls and swabs. You can also add stackable baskets above washer/dryer units and underneath cabinets or install a hamper under the sink.

  1. Plan Your Palette

When it is time to paint your bathroom, make sure you choose a suitable color palette. It is advisable to use neutral colors for bathroom spaces as they make the bathroom feel calm and aesthetically pleasing. Bear in mind that painting a wall an accent color is time-consuming. It is best to use a calm, neutral color palette to create the bathroom’s base theme. You can utilize patterns and textures that are available in neutral tones as they add creativity and depth to your painting. White is an excellent color for Adelaide Bathrooms because it is associated with cleanliness and it enhances lighting in small spaces

  1. Pops of Color

If you choose not to paint your bathroom, you can use pops of color to add ambiance to your space. You can use colorful towels and robes to make your bathroom look stylish. You can also display beautifully designed accessories like soap dishes, and even paint your mirror frame an accent color.

These simple ways of making your bathroom appear amazing are cost effective and do not take much time.

Adelaide bathroom owners can beat the challenge of designing small bathroom spaces by using space-saving furniture.