Obviously, the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. This emphasizes the need to keep it clean, attractive, warm and functional at all times. As a matter of fact, you need to ensure that your plans meet current Australian building regulations even before you start planning to carry out a Adelaide bathrooms refurbishment. These regulations are basically designed to ensure comfort, health, and safety of all homes.

It is essentially important to consider the practical use of the space available when planning renovation works for Adelaide bathrooms. This has to do with the location of all fixtures and fittings in the space. And how well they relate with each other. As one of the most complex projects any homeowner can undertake, every bathroom renovation project requires adequate preparation and careful planning right ahead of time. This is basically aimed at ensuring effective use of the space. While avoiding every tendency to compromise on the aesthetics or functionality of your newly renovated bathroom.

Along with local planning, here are some essential building and safety regulations every homeowner must try to take into consideration before renovating their Adelaide bathrooms.

Drainage and Waste Disposal Regulations

Most bathroom renovations or reconstructions often involve the act of making new connections to the drain or mains soil stack of your home. With respect to each other, homeowners are required to efficiently place fixtures. This includes fixtures such as basin, bath, toilet, and shower to avoid complex motions. If you need to check regulations concerning stack connection, make sure to contact your local building control office.

Adhering to building regulations include installing pump system like a Saniflow and ensuring that there is proper transportation of waste from the appliance to the outlet through drainage and waste pipes. The essence of installing bathroom plumbing correctly is mainly for safety and hygiene reasons. But for this to work, there is a need to hire a qualified plumber.


The role of ventilation in moist areas like the bathroom cannot be underestimated. Every bathroom must be ventilated via an extractor fan or a window, as stated by building regulations. These are basically aimed at preventing damp and mold growth in Adelaide bathrooms.

Electrical Safety Laws

This has to do with the safe installation of all household electrics. State whether light switches should be located outside the bathroom or pull chord operated in the bathroom. Also, make sure to specify the maximum voltage levels for every area in the bathroom.

If you are not qualified, as a registered electrician to carry out electrical work in the bathroom do not attempt to do so, as it is illegal. It is important to understand that faulty electrics can be lethally dangerous especially when they come in contact with water.

Structural Safety Regulations

If you are renovation your bathroom from the scratch, it structural safety should be your utmost concern. Together with every other structure, ensure that the floor is well-secure to hold a full bathtub, as well as your bathroom suite.