It doesn’t matter if you get an architect, designer or you decide on a DIY build; you can make your dream bathroom without drilling holes in your pocket. It is vital to plan, source, research, and also ask a lot of questions, so you understand the process of bathroom designs Adelaide homeowners can afford and building. Know what you want ahead of time, start your plans and research then set a budget.Home-Renovations (1)

The planning mostly entails the functions and lifestyle of your bathroom and then the bathroom designs Adelaide that showcases a particular look or mood. Determine how much you intend to spend on your bathroom designs. So how can you save money and still have the bathroom of your dreams?

Limit Tile Usage

Tiles can be quite expensive, especially when the contractor you hired breaks the cost down. To reduce cost, limit the tile usage and focus on places that have a high impact like the floor. Alternatively, you can tile a part of the wall and paint the rest. But if you have your mind set on tiles, you can mix up the artistic tiles with the cheaper ones. The artistic tiles will be more noticeable, and you will save a lot of money by using few.

Save on Countertops

You might be wondering how you can save on countertops during your bathroom designs Adelaide homeowners can afford. First, you consider the color; neutral colors such as brown, tan, and light beige are expensive because they are popular. You can save money by considering and buying out a wider range of colors.


If you decide not to use tiles or you don’t have enough on your budget, you might want to consider painting, it is cheap and can give your bathroom a whole new look. Be warned, though painting can be time-consuming and as such require patience to get the perfect look. It is time-consuming because you have to focus, painting gently and slowly around the tub, window, mirror, sink, floor and wall corners. You also have to consider the moisture, as the development of mildew and mold is easy because of the bathroom’s change in humidity and temperature. Make sure you invest in a satin finish high-quality paint.

Buy Used materials

When you buy used fixtures, showers and even toilets, you save money. Buying repurposing or used materials is good for the environment also. You can find upcycled bathroom accessories to beautify your bathroom and give it the glow and mood intended. You can use old pieces of woods for shelves, vintage light fixtures, and even an old mirror above the sink. Using old instead of new materials helps you save money and reduces your consumption. They are both very good features.