You can only make the most of your space if you’ve got the right ideas on how best to lay out a modernistic bathroom floor plan. Most bathrooms Adelaide homeowners design based on maximizing available space.

As your plan your dream bathroom, here are some helpful design tips and ideas you need to keep in mind.

Plan an efficient layout

When it comes to designing bathrooms in Adelaide, it is important to note that you will have to deal with vent stacks, water lines, and plumbing drains. These are inevitable, as even the most breathtaking bathrooms in Adelaide have to deal with them. Generally, bathroom floor plans are categorized into 1-, 2- or 3-wet-wall layouts. The 1-wall layout is the most cost-effective design as it lines up the shower, toilet, and sink along one wall.

Try other layouts

If you are looking to acquire more flexibility, then you may consider the 2-wall layout. While the shower and tub can be plumbed on one wall the toilet and sink can get on the other. Remember, you are basically focusing on making the best use of space, so try as much as possible to avoid creating costly mistakes.

Design a lighting plan

Try to eliminate shadows and encourage face illumination from both sides of the bathroom and above. Together with a third light above the mirror, you can achieve this by installing wall-mount lights at each side of the mirror. Ideally, this should be down at about eye level. Remember, the mirror is the most critical area for any bathroom lighting.

Use ceiling-mounted fixtures

If you are looking to add mood and style to your space, do well to use ceiling-mounted fixtures. Accent lights can contribute sparkle and mood due to their ability to spotlight architectural features. Usually, enclosed vapor-proof downlights are required for enclosed tubs and showers.

Make a statement with the tub

It is important to understand that bathtubs are the natural focal point of most bathrooms in Adelaide. Apart from being attractive, they are known to create a powerful impact on the decorating style. Free standing bathtubs may either be presented like a piece of sculpture – i.e. streamlined and straight-sided – or they may rest on a pedestal base or claw-and-ball feet. While the sides of the bathtub may be covered n stone or tile or even paneled in wood to match the decking, a waterproof material like limestone or tile can be used to cover the top or decking.

Design a spa shower

You can replicate the spa-resort experience in your bathroom by installing luxury showers. Ensure to make suitable selections from a variety of spray heads available. With handheld showerheads, you can easily clean out the shower stall, wash and rinse off your hair. Remember to choose befitting waterproof material to protect ceiling, floors, and walls, especially if you are opting for a custom-made stall.