Bathroom Makeover

Tired of your ordinary looking bathroom? Get a bathroom makeover with the design of your choice by hiring King Constructions and Bathroom in the Making. We give a wide range of creative and technical bathroom designs and is aimed to cater more clients in Adelaide. More and more people are appreciating the interior design for bathrooms. It is not only the function and capacity that we are after but also the aesthetics and the superior design. That is why we offer you a wide selection of bathroom remodeling designs that come at competitive prices. You can trust a family owned and operated business that has been serving Adelaide for more than thirty years. We have not only been changing bathroom designs but also strive to change our clients’ lives by giving them the bathroom makeover they have always wanted and achieved way more than just customer satisfaction.

Bathroom Makeover

Give Your Bathroom A Boost With a Bathroom Makeover

Enhance the look and functionality of your Adelaide home by doing a bathroom makeover. Whether you are a growing family or need more function or carrying capacity to your bathroom, King Constructions and Bathroom in the Making is here to help you. We are experts in building dream bathrooms that meet your standards and budget, and it all begins with thorough planning and consultation. We will meet to discuss your desired look and consider the budget in the process as well. Once the design is ready, we will provide you with a quotation and this will be the start of our agreement. We will then select the best suppliers that provide the best value for money. At this point, we will take care of everything for you until the bathroom makeover is complete. We will provide significant details that will keep you up to date on the progress of the work.

Experience and Expertise In Bathroom Makeover

Entrust your construction works only to the team that has proven themselves for decades. King Constructions and Bathroom in the Making is here to give you the bathroom makeover you’ve been dreaming of. Our team of tradesmen and builders are experts in their fields and are fully able to give you top quality work using the most durable materials. We are accredited by the Housing Industry Association so you know our work is always compliant to Australian standards. We maintain a secure and organized working environment that causes little disruption to your household activities. Our services maintain the highest professional standards and work ethics. We make sure we can achieve your desired results quickly and efficiently. Our attention to detail allows us to ensure that we achieve not only the aesthetics but also the functionality that works for you and your family in every aspect of the construction.

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