No doubt, the bathroom is a simple space in the home that deserves a little extra luxury. It is a place that often presents a simplistic and clean feeling when organized in a modern way. If you are looking to create modern bathroom designs Adelaide, make sure to utilize mid-century furniture, minimal colors, clean lines with geometric shapes and patterns.

Most times, the importance you accord to your bathroom is far lesser than what it ought to be. As a space that is generally in use every day, the bathroom can be made to be a modern sanctuary of comfort and cleanliness. From clear and radiant to urbane and impressive, modern bathrooms have experienced solid transformations. And they have gone beyond the limit of are some modern bathroom designs Adelaide homeowners can incorporate. These are sure to transform any dull-looking bathroom into fabulous refreshing and excellent relaxation zones in the home.


As an important part of any modern design style, lighting plays an important role in enhancing bathroom splendor. When it comes to lighting a modern bathroom, you can never run out of ideas. There are plenty of lighting options to choose from. When shopping for placement of lighting and light fixtures, it is needful to understand that lines and geometric shapes contribute immensely to the beauty of modern bathroom designs Adelaide homeowners can be proud off.

More importantly, the quality of the light should be your utmost concern. For modern bathrooms, it is often recommended to go for skylights because they tend to provide more natural light and add interest to your bathroom. If you are looking to create a true modern look and feel in your bathroom, then you must be ready to include this important element.


Add an indoor plant or two to bring the outdoors inside your home. It offers a great way of creating a connection between the indoors and outdoors of your home by adding a touch of greenery in your bathroom. You can easily mesh your natural outdoor space with your indoor space by aligning organic greenery design with modern design.

Freestanding Bathtubs

As a common staple for modern bathroom designs, freestanding tubs can symmetrically enhance the fengshui of any bathroom. Especially when they are strategically placed in elaborately attractive spots. Bear in mind that balance in key, so ensure that things are keep distinct and sharp by giving a pedestal or rectangular tub a try rather than using those familiar oval shape bathtubs.

Mid-Century Modern

This refers to the architectural, interior, graphic and furniture style of the 19th century (1933-1965). As part of the mid-century modern design, straight lines, natural colors, and geometric shapes are not left out. One great place to begin when designing your bathroom is the bathroom furniture. When looking for what type of fixtures, mirror, and faucets to place in your modern bathroom get colors and patterns that fit into these categories.