There was a time when the newspaper was the best available material for Cleaning the Bathroom Mirror, cleaning windows, but those days are long gone thanks to new inks that leave residue and streaks all over the place.

Paper towel don’t do the job either because it falls apart too easily and leaves small pieces of lint behind. So what do you do today if you want a perfectly clean mirror? Follow these tips, and you will see outstanding results!

Get the Right Materials and Detergents

Having the right tools at hand when you start cleaning your mirror makes all the difference in the world. First, get a flat weave cloth. They don’t leave streaks or lint behind, and debris cannot stick to it because it is the flat weave.

Second, get rubbing alcohol and cotton pads for heavy duty cleaning. Last, gets your number one glass cleaning detergent. Once you have all this you are ready to go!

Take Care of the Worst First

Number one of our mirror cleaning tips is always to get all the buildups of toothpaste, hair gel and whatever else you manage to pile onto your mirror first. Soak a cotton pad in rubbing alcohol and scrub off each glob gently.

If the residue is particularly hard to get off, simply use the rubbing alcohol to dissolve it by holding the cotton pad up against it for a minute or two. Be sure to work quickly though, because rubbing alcohol evaporates fast.

Use Your Glass Cleaner Next

Once you have removed the worst grime on your mirror you are ready for the next part of our cleaning tips. Spray your mirror with the glass cleaner of your choice.

Make sure you do not spray too much; you only want to leave a light mist. Then use your flat weave cloth, and starting from the top you wipe your mirror side to side in a downwards motion. Using this technique ensures that you cover the entire mirror and that you will not leave any streaks behind.

Finishing the Job

Once you have finished cleaning your mirror with glass cleaner, lean into it and take a look at a close angle. This way you will be able to notice any streaks that you cannot see standing directly in front of your mirror. If you find any you do not spray the mirror!

Instead, spray your cloth and wipe the streaks away using a fast motion. This removes the streak and leaves minimal residue behind. If you have followed all our cleaning tips you are now standing in front of a shiny clean mirror!

Getting a mirror completely clean be hard work and a time-consuming process, especially if you haven’t prepared yourself properly. Use these bathroom mirror cleaning tips and you are guaranteed to see excellent results!

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