Planning out how to do a Bathroom Renovations Adelaide can be a painstaking task. Knowing where to start isn’t easy. Should you focus on finding new towels first to make things easier or maybe new fixtures? To find inspiration and to see how things work together, a bathroom mood board is a great starting point when decorating any bathroom.

A mood board is simply a collection of images that you use as a sounding board for your ideas. See if that bathtub looks good with what tile and experiment with mixing and matching!

You’re sure to have fun and simple time planning your bathroom when you use a mood board.


A great place to start when decorating any space is to identify what colors you want to use. Once you’ve identified a color palette, things come together quickly now that you’ve set parameters to work in. Colour changes the mood of a room and can determine how much time you want to spend in a room.

Beach tones are great for people looking to make their bathroom a relaxation oasis. However, if you hate getting ready in the morning, you might want to think of adding cheerful yellow colors to your mood board to put you in a good mood each day!


There are numerous materials that you can use in a bathroom. From tile to marble, it’s not easy to mentally visualize how these materials will complement the glass, metal, and even wood you’re also planning on using. A mood board is excellent for comparing materials and textures to see what works and what doesn’t.

Bathroom Renovations Adelaide

Remember, this is your Bathroom Renovations Adelaide and no one else’s! Have fun trying out different combinations on your board and don’t forget to choose to go with the one that speaks to you the most.


Once you’ve decided on what colors you want to use and which materials, it’s time to figure out what style you want to model your bathroom in.

Whether you want to go with a modern style or a traditional style, even something French inspired- you’ll want to see what it will look like as a finished product! Whatever you settle on, your mood board will let you get an idea of what it’ll look like all together!

Adding Accessories

The last step to a bathroom redesign is typically choosing the right linens and other bathroom necessities to accent all your choices. Mix and match towels on your mood board to get a feel for what will look the best in your new bathroom.

Don’t limit yourself to one color of towels! If you pick a multicolored bathmat or shower curtain you can accentuate it with several different colors throughout the bathroom.

Always make sure all the colors you choose match each other! While it’s your place to make unique, you never want to walk into a room and be overpowered by the decorations. If it doesn’t look good on your mood board, it won’t look good in your bathroom!

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