At a certain point, every business will require an  Adelaide office fit-outs to freshen up the office environment. It is inevitable for the workplace to suffer disruption during office fit-outs Adelaide. However, the benefits outweigh the downfalls. To make positive changes in the workplace, consider the following points.

5 Things Every Business Owner Should Consider During Office Fitouts Adelaide


As a business owner, it is your aim to improve the productivity of your workforce. As many companies do not take productivity into consideration during Adelaide office fit-outs, this is where the mistakes start. How so? Well, the office design can improve or reduce employee productivity. Things like noise, lighting, furniture, temperature and even spatial arrangements can influence the level of productivity. They should always be considered during fit-outs.


Thanks to the use of mobile technology in organizations, the way workers sit on their desks has evolved. A global research conducted by Steel-case revealed nine new seating positions in the workplace. It led to the production of chairs that reflect employees use of technology. Business owners put this into consideration during Adelaide office fit-outs as it can influence how work is done.


Employees are not happy in open plane or medium plane offices according to research. Most employees prefer private offices. It is imperative that you consider how the layout of your office will affect the degree of concentration of your workforce. If you can’t afford to give each staff a private space to get away, consider introducing things that will offer them some level of privacy. Things like self-contained pods (freestanding), booth style seats (high backed), and self-supporting acoustic panels and screens can be added to the workplace. The idea is to help employees concentrate better even when they stay in open plan layouts.


As a business owner, you can establish a culture for your company in different ways. It doesn’t need to be something extraordinary. It can range from simple paintings, Friday outfits, logos, all the way to office design. There is a relationship between business brand and organizational culture. You have various corporate cultures to pick from including Clan Culture, Adhocracy Culture, Hierarchy Culture, and Market Culture.

Make sure you define your office culture and use that insight during your next office fit-out.


Collaboration is especially important when your employees depend on teamwork. Arrange the office space in a way that fosters collaboration and allows your staff to be creative. Various office designs allow employees to collaborate during office hours. Conduct a research on the designs that can encourage collaboration and increase productivity. Models that enable them to work in pairs, team up in small groups and bump into each other will be ideal.

Your office fit-outs Adelaide does not need to be just about chairs and desks. So, many other things need to be put in place for the benefit of the workplace. It should always be targeted towards positivity.