Cleaning the bathroom can be a nasty chore especially when it isn’t done regularly. A daily bathroom clean up prevents soap scum and mild dew build-up in the shower walls and bathtubs and gives the bathroom a sparkling and inviting look. However, it’s not easy to keep things tidy all the time.

.With a Five Tips For A Cleaner Bathroom Adelaide easy tips, an. An individual can reduce the stress associated with tedious bathroom cleaning and still enjoy the benefits of having a clean bathroom. Below are five tips for a cleaner Bathroom Adelaide to achieving a clearer bathroom Adelaide:

Five Tips For A Cleaner Bathroom Adelaide

  1. Clean Bathroom Daily

A Gleaming bathroom can only be achieved when cleaning bathroom is a routine.

Hand towels or bathroom wipes should be used to wipe down the shower wall, sink, shower and faucets after each bath. This will aid in keeping the bathroom clean and preventing bacteria buildup.

  1. Supplies Needed for Cleanup Should be Readily Available

Cleaning materials used in the bathroom should never be out of stock. Ensure that any cleaning supply that has been exhausted is immediately replaced to achieve a clearer bathroom, Adelaide.

Also, all the supplies needed for clean-up such as soap scum remover, toilet bowl cleaner, mildew remover, window cleaning fluid, bathroom surface cleaner, dust rag, scrub brush, paper towel, floor cleaner should be kept in a bucket beneath the sink or in a cabinet. This enables easy retrieval during cleaning.

  1. Do Not Use Soap for Bath

Regular soap tends to produce soap scum which can be very hard to clean. This is particularly true when it is left to build up. Invest in shower gels and use that in place of bar soap. This helps in attaining a clearer bathroom, Adelaide.

  1. Always Clean the Mirror and Doors

Bathroom mirrors can become foggy and filled with streaks especially after a hot shower. Glass cleaner is the best option for removing marks on mirror giving it a clean and sparkling appearance.

Also, rags should be used to clean door frames and baseboard.

  1. Scrub Toilet and Floors

The toilet should regularly be washed to prevent bacteria build up which could cause infections and diseases. The interior of the toilet must be cleaned with a toilet brush and toilet bowl cleaner. The rim of the bowl, as well as the underneath the toilet lid and seat, should be thoroughly scrubbed to remove hidden germs and stop bacteria build up.

The back of the toilet and pedestal should not be neglected while cleaning.

The floor should regularly be mopped to remove spilled water as this could cause an accident in the bathroom. Also, paper towel should be used for quick cleaning.

The bathroom should be disinfected daily to kill germs and air fresheners and sprays should be used to freshen the bathroom atmosphere.