Before any Adelaide office fitouts work can be undertaken, it is highly imperative that you create a well thought out office design and plan. There is need to allow for breakout facilities, growth and storage space when planning an office fit-out. As part of your plan, you must ensure that the process allows for the following facilities:

  • Reception area
  • General offices
  • Managerial offices
  • Meeting areas
  • Boardrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Dining and canteen areas
  • Tea points
  • Kitchen areas
  • Washrooms and toilets

Here are some important factors to put into consideration during planning.


When reviewing the relocation of your IT systems, it is important to develop a workable IT Relocation plan. Appoint a member to be in charge of managing your IT and telephony and ensure strict adherence. To do this, you need to work with your IT department. Make sure to provide all IT requirements for your Adelaide office fitouts, including computer network, internet, data points, floor boxes, and power points. As required, back up all data and arrange off-site data storage. Ensure to perform a complete assessment of the new location including, cabling and trunking, server room, power supply etc.

Health and safety

Make sure that all welfare facilities such as restrooms, changing rooms, drinking water, washing facilities, and sanitary conveniences are well-provided for. Remember that every contractor working on site i.e. gas safe / Plasma, must be appropriately qualified. As part of efforts to ensure that your contractors and every other individual comply with the standard, there should be regular monitoring of health and safety on site.

While you should be familiar with the Health and Safety file of the new work location, make sure that every contractor on site receives an induction before the commencement of work. When complying with regulations, they should all be aware of their responsibilities, such as accident reporting, dealing with asbestos, working at heights, and welfare. As far as is reasonably practicable, it is your responsibility to ensure the overall safety of every visitor, contractor, employee and any other person that comes in contact with the site.

Psychology of color

The level of activity of any people can be generally influenced by color. Apart from its ability to cause visual sensations, color can also have an effect on morale. Depending on the mental picture you are creating, there are different kinds of colors that can be used for your Adelaide office fitouts. If you are looking to create a mood of solidity, black is suitable. But if you are promoting an image of value of the environment, green is highly appreciated. Go neutral with white and Gray.

If you cannot do this on your own, it is good you seek the assistance of a first-rate office fit out company. The company should be capable of providing quality design and planning service for Adelaide office fitouts. It is their responsibility to ensure that all the services are executed ‘under one roof.’