Renovating A Bathroom Adelaide involves a lot more than simply changing the tiles and the plumbing. As professional bathroom renovator Bathrooms in the Making can give you design ideas and expert advice on planning all aspects of your new bathroom.

Renovating A Bathroom AdelaideRenovating A Bathroom Adelaide

Project coordination

Prior to commencement of your renovation Bathrooms in the Making will discuss with you your renovation project and arrange for any structural modifications and repairs to be carried out. These modifications may include: stripping out the old bathroom and making structural changes required for your new ones such as bricking up and/or reallocating windows, walls and doors, plastering and installation of new ceilings and floors, plumbing, tiling and electrical work. With particular attention paid to correct waterproofing.

When planning your renovation it is important to allow sufficient lead-in time for planning and selection decisions. This will ensure that you are able to enjoy the decision-making process and be free from time pressures.

Why you should use a professional builder

With the recent emphasis on do-it-yourself renovations on popular television programs which make making projects look simple, quick and cheap, many people ask why they should consider engaging a professional renovator. Bathrooms in the Making guarantees their work and provide statutory warranties, ensuring that all work carried out complies with the building code of Australia.

With each stage of your renovation project planned and priced Bathrooms in the Making can also ensure that the cost of your renovation remains within your budget.