Having someone you trust to carry out your bathroom innovations is important. A bathroom renovation should be well thought through and properly carried out to improve the face of your property. Adelaide Bathroom Renovations provides elegance and gives your bathroom a look that will last for years and will save you are a lot of money.

Adelaide Bathroom is efficient in their professional approach and takes pride in their workmanship. They get mouth referrals because they do not compromise on quality.

Here is a range of services that Adelaide offers:

New Bathrooms

If you decide to turn your bedroom into your bedroom, Adelaide Bathroom Renovations are the best for you. They will provide comprehensive renovations that will include thorough preparation till completion to give you the desired look.

Adelaide Bathroom Renovations

We travel around the southern suburbs of Adelaide interacting with home owners on their new bathroom designs. Many of our customers are people looking forward to achieving an aesthetic value to their homes at an affordable price. Adelaide Renovations will fit in a membrane and coating to your bathroom that will keep water out. Waterproofing is important to protect your house from moisture.


Adelaide Renovations have well trained workmanship that will correct any default in your bathroom. We are bathroom experts that will retile, get rid of your old shower and fit in a new one and update the tapware.

None will want to come home to freshen up in an old bathroom that has cracked walls and old taps, Adelaide Bathroom Renovations will change the face of your bathroom. Dating your bathroom is like an investment because it will add value to your house and your life.

General plumbing work

Update your appliances with the help of our qualified plumbers. Our appliances are out of style and are very unique. The plumbers are qualified and will fit in the taps and pipes in an elegance way.

Our experts will also renovate all the wet areas like the kitchen, sinks and laundries to ensure that there are no water leakages. The small changes and renovations will add value to your home even when you decide to sell.

We offer other services which are more than just renovation to customers who are looking for more than just renovating.

Our experts are enthusiastic about building small projects that will improve other areas of your house. Quality design and complete satisfaction of the customer is the first priority. Adelaide Bathroom renovation will give an outcome that will stay for years.

These are the services that are offered by Adelaide Bathroom Renovation.