A savvy lighting system serves many functional purposes and also delivers dramatic decorative results. Your bathroom needs to be a place where you can prepare yourself, but it’s also a place that gives you solace. Strike this balance with brightening up your bathroom. Read below for seven expert tips on choosing Adelaide Bathrooms lights!

Seven Expert Tips on Choosing Bathroom Lights

1. Think of the Backdrop

Lights reflect off surfaces. Using nice, simple materials with a limited color palette will provide the perfect reflective surface for your Adelaide bathroom lighting. Going simply on the backdrop will ensure a solid lighting ambiance.

2. Utilize Multiple Lighting Sources

A single bulb burning does not conjure up images of a warm and inviting Adelaide Bathrooms. For the majority, even the smallest ones, a general overhead lighting fixture just doesn’t cut it. Creating a variety of lighting sources will help both ambiance and function.

3. Focus on the Vanity

The mirror above the sink is probably the most-utilized mirror in your house. Sturdy halogen or fluorescent lights provide easy visibility when shaving or applying cosmetics. Side lighting often works better than overhead lighting to create an even glow.

4. Add NightLights or Lamps

Table lamps can add a soft glow when you don’t want the direct light of the vanity. Nightlights provide necessary lighting in the middle of the night when you may not want to turn on that bright light. (Be sure to invest in waterproof lighting, and keep your lamps away from water sources.)

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5. Don’t Be Clear

Clear glass fixtures that expose the bulb tend to produce a glare, which can reduce visibility. Be sure that most, if not all, of your bulbs, are covered in translucent-white diffusers. This will help minimize shadows on your face and will avoid that unattractive glare.

6. Let in the Sun

If at all possible, install a window or skylight. Keep the blinds up and curtains open during the day, to let in as much natural light as possible. In addition to helping ensure you get essential Vitamin D, natural lighting is also often the best lighting for applying make-up and toiletries.

7. Remember Your Budget

You need good lighting to illuminate the rest of the hard work that you put into creating or renovating your bathroom. So when you are planning a bathroom makeover, don’t forget to put money aside for choosing Adelaide Bathrooms lights.