An office is not only a room meant for business or professional activities. It is a space where people meet to create and develop ideas for the sake of productivity. These days, offices are speaking volumes about their brands and stories. Thanks to the high level of professionalism put in place by many office fit outs Adelaide businesses.

You too can bring your own office space concepts and vision to life. You can use a full-service design and credible fit out solution.

If you are planning office fit outs Adelaide businesses should bear the following considerations in mind.

Get proposals

Before signing up for office fit outs Adelaide businesses should ensure to get at least 3 proposals from different fit-out companies. Organizations that are experienced in office fit-out and design projects will be more than willing to take you through their design ideas. As well as make you understand the process involved. As well as the costs even before deciding to go ahead with the fit out project.


AS 1680-1990 – it is important to base your amount of light on the Australian Standard which is 400 lux. You do not have to bother your mind on how much light you need for your general office work. While lower levels of light may be allowed for public areas like corridors, it is also necessary to understand that there are some areas in the office where higher levels of light may be required such as places where detailed desk work is typically performed.

Comply with Australian Standard 2006

It is important to note that every glass in your office partitions must strictly comply with this standard. In commercial buildings, this standard explains in simple terms the required procedures for installation, selection, and design of glass. In a bid to protect you, your employees, and customers against workplace health and safety risks, the glazing contractor may be required to ascertain that the glass complies with the standard. To this end, your local council may seek to get certification.

Wait patiently

In a tailored office design solution in which standard products cannot be used, you may have to wait for about 2 months before using your new office. Usually, it takes 8 weeks to complete and install office fit outs in Adelaide after ordering the workstations for your office. This is when your office can be declared ready to use.

Approval time varies

Averagely, it takes about 60 days for approval after submitting an office fit-out development application. However, this is not always the case as your approval time could even be lesser (about 30 days). It all depends on the type of office fit-out and design project you are undertaking, as well as your dealings with the council.