Are you looking for ways to improve your current office design? Do you know that a good office design Adelaide can effectively boost staff morale and increase productivity? Design experts and recent studies all agree that a good environment stimulates creativity. Employees who have to work in poorly designed, ugly, cramped, closed-off offices are generally less productive.freemark-financial-office-redesign

Here are the top 4 ways to improve your office design Adelaide.

Evaluate Your Current Floor Plan

Cubicles are out, poor lighting is also a no-no, and so are wires everywhere. In order to understand if you are using your space well, spend a day observing your employees.

A few questions you might ask yourself include:

  • Are people who do the same task wasting time because their desks or offices are too far apart?
  • Determine if scanners, photocopying machines, and printers too far from where they are needed?
  • Identify if there are rooms which are just sitting idle?
  • Eliminate certain areas which are just too crowded?
  • Are computer cables and wires cluttering desks and making offices look unsightly?

All of these are red warning flags that the existing floor plans need to be re-thought out.

Incorporate Elements of Nature into the Office Space

Many top design firms agree that incorporating elements of nature into office design Adelaide is the way to go. It’s a concept a lot of businesses are starting to adopt. It’s simple really. You can include actual physical plants or simply incorporate fabrics with plant and floral images or textures to the office.

Have Designated Lounge Areas

In a world where employees can move with their laptops around the office, having a lounge area is a great idea. They are a form of workstations in themselves. Lounge areas are ideal in that they can be easily transformed into presentation spaces or meeting areas. Boardrooms are fantastic for the more official meetings, but lounge spaces give that feeling of transparency and no barriers between people. They make employees feel comfortable and like they are addressing their peers. Creativity flows when people feel at ease in their workspace.

Bring on the Color!

Gone are the days of dark foreboding colors. A lot of modern office designs today make use of colors such as green, orange, and blue. Colors help stimulate the brain to remember things, focus and concentrate better. Color brings life to an otherwise dull working space. Color will definitely boost happiness around the office. Simple changes can be made to curtains, trash cans, and filing cabinets.


Office design Adelaide has changed dramatically over the last few years. Remember, happy employees, make for a great company. If you are looking for ways to boost productivity this 2017, invest in a new office design.