Bathrooms have now become a place where we tend to expect more. We no more see it as a place where we go to get ourselves cleaned. We desire more than just a place where we enter daily to refresh and luxuriate our body. After spending so much money, inconvenience and time on Adelaide bathroom renovations. What we don’t want is to see our bathroom not meeting our comfort expectations.

Adelaide Bathroom Renovations

The top 7 bathroom renovation mistakes and how it can be avoided.

  1. Waterproofing: One major general problem in the bathroom is a shower that leaks and this item is usually expensive to fix. It’s better to get it right at first than to keep fixing it subsequently. To avoid this, after the waterproofing, make sure to monitor the workers. Especially the tiller, as a little nick on the proofing membrane may cause a leakage.
  2. Lack of proper ventilation: Poor ventilation causes mold of tiny black specks on your recently painted ceiling and wall. Even with the help of your windows, they are openable; there is still a need for an exhaust fan for steam extraction. The tip to overcome this is to use oil-based paints to reduce the chance those molds taking over.
  3. Overcrowding: To avoid squeezing many things in your bathroom and causing congestion. It is advisable not to install your toilet in your bathroom. In other to avoid clustering, you have tomaximize the space as possible. One way of improving space is by changing the swinging position of the bathroom door.
  4. Less efficient drainage: When the drainage of a bathroom is poor, it results to wet floor and causes fall. To get a better drainage, the floor has to slope very well, and small tiles should be used.
  5. Materials that are porous: Every accessory in a bathroom should have an impervious surface to moisture. This is to avoid discoloration, rust and swell over time.
  6. Poor lighting: A better light is required for a lot of bathroom activities. When carrying out your Adelaide bathroom renovations, the lighting is also essential. If you have a big mirror, then your light should be directed onto your face for better reflection.
  7. Too much spending: Some people tend to spend too much when it comes to renovating their bathrooms. To avoid overspending, the total expenditure of Adelaide bathroom renovations should be kept under 1.5% of the property’s value.

Renovation minimization tips

  • All purchases such as sanitary wares, accessories, and cabinets before the work starts.
  • You can take photos of your existing features and accessories so you can advertise them online and sell them.
  • Make a design of the fitting and features you want before you purchase the materials.