Today, a bathroom is more than just a place to wash our bodies. It is a refuge to recharge, luxuriate, and get ready for a new day. Bland bathrooms are no longer trendy. Homeowners, with the help of bathroom renovators Adelaide technicians, can get a modern bathroom that is suited to their needs.

However, no one wants to spend time and money to create the dream bathroom and not get the required results. Some renovation mistakes can change the course of things. These renovation mistakes will be highlighted below:


It is quite easy to overspend during a bathroom renovation. A minor makeover can morph into a major money pit material. You must avoid overcapitalizing by keeping the total renovation cost below 1.5% of the property value.

Bathroom Renovations Adelaide

You can minimize cost by:

  • Design for standard fittings and fixtures to avoid spending on custom making.
  • Buy all your tiles: sanitary ware, tap ware, cabinets as well as accessories before the project starts.
  • Take photos of all existing fittings and fixtures. This will help you to advertise properly on eBay to sell and reduce the removal fees.
  • You can save some money on plumbing if you maintain the bathroom’s configuration. You won’t have to pay for council approval as well.

DIY waterproofing

A leaking shower is quite common during renovation, and it is expensive to fix. It’s better to find bathroom renovators Adelaide experts that are certified water proofers. This is important because you’ll be required to provide a waterproofing certificate before selling the home.

 Poor Ventilation

After spending money on renovation, seeing mold on the walls and ceiling would be a nightmare. Poor ventilation can cause this problem even when the windows open well. You may still need to use an exhaust fan to extract steam. Use oil based paint or mold resistant paint to reduce the probability of mold growth.

Overcrowding the bathroom

Maximize your space so that it doesn’t appear cluttered and is more comfortable. If your bathroom is too small, don’t cramp it up by adding a bath and shower. Use wall hung cabinets to save space.

Poor Task Lighting

Lots of bathroom activities need good lighting. Applying makeup, shaving, waxing and hair styling can be difficult in general ambient light. Therefore, some well-built task lighting is required.

Bathroom Renovators Adelaide experts can install lights for this purpose. And it doesn’t cost so much.

Poor Drainage

The floor of a bathroom must slope towards the drainage system to efficiently drain water. Some tiles may affect the setting of the drainage so you should hire a good tiler. The tiler will set the level of fall with sand and cement topping to grade the waste. This should solve the problem.

Ensure that the materials used are impervious to moisture and the room has enough storage.