Whatever your style, if you are choosing Adelaide bathroom accessories, here are the top bathroom decorating mistakes that almost everybody makes. Happily, all are easy to avoid. Read on to avoid the pitfalls on the way to the Choosing Bathroom Accessories of your dreams!

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Bathroom Accessories

Excess Clutter

If there is one thing that really puts a damper on a lovely bathroom, it’s clutter. Certain things, like electric toothbrushes and skincare devices must often be left out on a counter, plugged in – but do you really need a clock, makeup brushes and a ring holder sitting out, too?

Be certain you have allowed room in your bathroom design for adequate storage space. Closets and wall-mounted cabinets will give you plenty of room for everything from towels and toiletries to bathroom supplies, while leaving your space beautifully clutter-free!

Clashing Styles

Before choosing your bathroom accessories, decide what you want your overall theme to be. Themes might run from contemporary to romantic, from country style, to eco chic. Once you have one, you can mix and match pieces within it.

By keeping the big picture in mind, you’re less likely to end up with a mishmash of lovely accessories that simply do not go together. If you have extremely eclectic taste, you might want to consider making your “theme” a single colour or material, for more style latitude.


It makes no sense bathroom that isn’t practical and functional. Even so, many people get carried away by beauty, and forget functionality when choosing bathroom accessories. Falling in love with a clear-glass shower enclosure or brightly mirrored surfaces is easy. Keeping them pristine day after day may be more of a challenge. Before you buy, think about how you will be using this space. Know yourself, and choose accordingly.

Forgetting It’s Wet

Always ensure that the items in your Adelaide  bathroom will stand up to humidity. A soap dish or wooden bath brush covered with mould is unappealing and unsanitary. Depending upon how far you want to take this idea, you might want to consider installing antibacterial ceramic tiles to keep moisture-loving nasties at bay.

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